Four tips to binge more intentionally

The quick n' dirty: to stop wasting time devouring digital content, try 1) setting a timer, 2) scheduling things that force you to unplug, 3) take a stretch break, and/or 4) approach change in baby steps. This might sound familiar to you: you've had a productive day, your brain is feeling a little fried, and … Continue reading Four tips to binge more intentionally

Getting over post-exam nail-biting

So, if you're like me, you've walked out of an test thinking to yourself, "Well, that went terribly..." Today we had our exam for our third organ system-based block. Biochem, gastrointestinal system, and nutrition--I'll spare you the gory details. (One friend's key take-away: "It's all one big tube!") Anyway, over the course of the day, … Continue reading Getting over post-exam nail-biting